Explaining Your Relationship Pitfalls

Looking back on your dating relationships, can you identify any patterns? Do you feel like you have been burned over and over again and have sworn off dating for good, only to find your self obsessing over texts, Instagram images, Facebook posts and what they all mean about how your would-be-partner(s) feel(s) about you? Alternately, do you feel annoyed that your partners seems to relentlessly impinge upon your independence, are too clingy, or seem to trap you into a long-term relationship when you aren’t ready or aren’t even into that?

If any of these scenarios explain your dating history, you may be interested in learning more about your personal attachment style. In childhood we develop a style of connecting with our care providers that tends to carry on into adult life. This attachment style can affect our emotional development and the way we interact with people. If you are interested in learning about your attachment style (whether it is Secure, Anxious, or Avoidant) take this survey. After you have identified your attachment style, I would be happy to discuss with you how this all may affect your dating life or relationships in general.


Adapted from psychologytoday.com

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